d’lishos: bringing the most delicious food, snacks, and desserts from around the world directly to you

d’lishos was created to satisfy the craving for delicious foods, snacks and desserts.

As one of our product lines, we offer amaranth wafers which are all natural, vegan, with very low gluten, and sweetened with Stevia. With more than thirteen flavors to choose from, it can be a very attractive –and sinless– dessert or snack alternative. You can even create your own variations of snacks and desserts with different ingredients.

We also offer all-natural wafer sandwiches, filled with dark (70%) chocolate; simply delicious!

We also offer amaranth-and-corn flour churritos, some spicy, but all very tasty and Mexican style!

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Other products will be offered in the near future, so stay tuned…


Amaranth wafers come from Mexico, where big plantations of carefully cultivated amaranth exists.

Various flavors

There are more than 13 flavors to choose from. We’re sure you’ll like all of them.

Simply d’lishos!

Any way you eat them, they are delicious!